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最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第1篇

From as far as you could see on the left and right was open water and sand. The splash of small was open water and sand.

The splash of pieces of seashells lay scattered on the beach and small holes covered the sand where the crabs had dug in. the wind felt soft andwarm and the water not very chilling.

Far in the distance the sun was changing color from a yellow to an orange and then to a red ball hanging over the horizon.

The horizon was a long gray line broken once by the outline of a ship or a fisherman's boat.

Here lays the peace and tranquility that poets, writers, and artists alike try to capture in words and paint.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第2篇

These days, for a small mountain village in our school children to donate their own a piece of love, I look at the mountain village children more at ordinary times, I sourly almost out of tears came to his nose. They eat rice mixed pickles, wear a dozen times clothes is broken it up, and even some children did not wear shoes, barefoot walk. Look at them, look at us, the contrast is too big. The headmaster with particular emphasis on said to avoid comparing, donate as much as they can donate. Each class has donated a lot of money, some students also donated books, stationery, clothes. Students in our class donated 910 yuan altogether. Have a classmate is very rich, donated 200 yuan. I also contributed 20 yuan, it's this month I add pinch pennies saved last month.

But some I am not to attend the donation activity, some people with donations as cover, committing to and to raise money for their own, the fear that there is a reason, because I'm on excessive. Once a young man wearing a white coat to knock on my door, I opened the door a look, see the man a hand carrying a donation box, another hand holding a piece of board, with many photos, are some photos of the poor mountainous areas, let a person see the heart was pulled tight those photographs, that person is collecting money for poor mountainous areas. I have a look at the pictures, willy-nilly, dig out all the money can take out contributed. Mother came home from work, I also tell mum about this and smiling, waiting for mother praised me, mom told me with anger and funny, I was cheated.

We all want to donate must attend regular donations, watch out, don't be the delinquents take advantage of our love.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第3篇

Everyone has an unforgettable experience. My most unforgettable memory is that we volunteered for the first time last summer vacation. We went to a rural primary school, selected some books and students' books and learning supplies, and talked about school life with them.

I was surprised that I chatted with them for nearly an hour. We finally played the sports meeting together. The happy volunteer activities not only brought to me To be happy also makes me confident.



最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第4篇

Grade 6 half of the day, the head teacher of our class to see the newspaper has a child fast reading, but have no money, our teacher ready to raise money for the children to donate in the past, a class cadre know this matter, tell us, and led by the monitor, the money together.

The next day, we put our money in the red envelope and handed it to the teacher. In that time, we did not count the teachers and her children. The head teacher and her children donated more than 200, and the _monopoly_ of our class took the rest of his pocket money in one breath, and donated more than 120 yuan. He also donates a red eye. I asked him why. _I forgot to buy my own money,_ he said. We all laughed, and the teacher laughed too.

On the third day, our representative went to give the money to charity. The representative of our class told about the donation to the charity meeting when he was in the class meeting: _the students in your class are really loving,_ he said. Our representative said, _it's nothing!_ The representative also brought three certificates: one is the proof of the money donated by the teacher and her child; The second is the proof of the money donated in the class; The third is to say that we have the love, the most loving class collective. Because of this donation, we also got the advanced class in the school!

We have a lot of participation. I can't remember how many times I've been in grade one to grade four. Fifth grade, the school held two, grade six. Similar activities in our class were held three times in grades four to six.

The students in our class were very supportive of the donation activity, and some of them said, _at the beginning, sex was good, and donating money was a good thing._ Another student said: _helping others is also a blessing for themselves!_

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第5篇

A unforgettable activity in schoolI am a student in a schoolwe have many activities in school besides our daily often have sports meeting every spring or autumnthere are singing competions each most impressed activity I've participated is the debate was hold in the assembly students were present as the were all very nervous as the debater on the the debate beganeach of us tried our best to express our opinions and the evidence we I am talktive and I was also well-prepared beforethe relative material were all said out a lot about the reasons we have and also gave some examples and my experience of this made us win at 's my most impressed activity in school time.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第6篇

We have a great time on the beach is we go to the beach.

Well,There are many visitors on the look very can see many boats on the river,they look very changeable.

We play volleyball on the also collect all kinds of shells.

They are very beautiful,of take a short break on the beach and enjoy the sunshine very much.

In a word,I think this trip is very unforgettable and meaningful.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第7篇

We took a 20-kilometer hike last Friday, and it has been one of the most unforgettable experiences since high school.

Early in the morning, we got together and set out on foot. All of us carried backpacks with water and food. At the beginning, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and had a great time. Gradually we started to sweat a lot. Some of us became out of breath and some fell behind, but we encouraged each other to keep going. We kept at walking and walking. We almost made it to school when one of my classmates fell down. All of us ran up to help her, having no time attend to our tiredness. After another hour, we finally managed to walk back to school. We were so pleased and proud, cheering and hugging each other. We took photos to record the exciting moment.

What an unforgettable experience! It’s more than a hike. It’s a journey of hard work and challenge, in which we’ve learnt to be more determined and strong-minded.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第8篇

We can know from the cartoon given above that a boy student is seeking advice about campus activities from his schoolmate. Its true that campus activities have been organized in many universities and colleges. These activities range from academic to recreational, such as academic reports, speech contests, poets club, painting clubs, singing and dancing groups, etc.

These activities provide students with two major advantages. First of all, they play a positive role in improving students studies. Due to their heavy schedules, students are often buried in textbooks and seldom expose themselves to a colorful life. But the various activities provide opportunities for them to relax themselves and enrich their minds. In addition, the activities also serve students living in the ivory tower more chances to get in touch with society. From these activities, the participants have to leave the classroom and get to know the society.

All these offer an important means for students to broaden their horizons. By participating in campus activities, they have fulfilled university life and in turn help campus activities to grow and flourish. (174 words)

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第9篇

On this day, the head teacher said, _today the school asked our whole school to donate the books for the students in the disaster area._ Everyone shouted _ok._ Everyone is so comfortable, not surprisingly, the primary school of primary school use books is useless, put in the position, is not equal to donate. The next day, I came to school. Everybody you have a bag, I a bag of everyone bring a lot of. Less five, six, many dozens. There are also various books, magazines, cartoons and so on. Various and varied. At this moment, the teacher said, _the students who want to donate books will register with the monitor._ Seeing the students in the crowd, the position of the monitor was besieged. There was a roar and a shout. I could not easily carry the book into the crowd. I told the monitor, _xu qike 11 Ben_. But five or six people shouted together, the monitor was so busy that he didn't know who to remember first. I shouted five times in a row, the monitor then heard to ask: _xu qiang a few?_ I was a little dizzy, I called five or six and you heard half of it. After the registration was finished, the monitor wiped a sweat. Next, she will collect the book again. Everyone put the books on her desk. The monitor was too late to remember, and some of them left. Finally, proofread each other. Later, the books that were donated did not know when they were shipped, nor did they know whether the busy monitor had the number of good books. However, I believe that in a few days, these old books will be delivered to the students in the disaster area. These old books are useless in our home, but they are useful to them. This donation activity is really a waste of money.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第10篇

Everyone has an unforgettable experience. My most unforgettable experience is that we volunteered for the first time last summer vacation. We went to a rural primary school, selected some books and students' books and learning supplies, and talked with them about school life.

I was very surprised. I finally chatted with them for nearly an hour. We played games together, and everyone was very happy.

Volunteer activities not only brought me happiness, but also brought me happiness Let me be confident.



最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第11篇

For our agers, youth is a beautiful word. Youth is the most unforgettable period in our life. Now, I am old.

I study in a middle school. I find that school life is very happy. I have made a lot of friends on campus.

I want to be a good old teacher in school. I don't want to study hard in school alone And study, because I like to talk with my classmates about almost all my favorite sports is playing volleyball. I like playing volleyball with my friends.

I like to enjoy time in school, it will be the most unforgettable period of my life.



最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第12篇

have an unforgettable moment in my i was studying in 8th standard i was the first rank holder in my have a good name in my day my principal wrongfully caught me for a mischief of breaking the glass in my told her that i am not the real one who broke was not gave me a punishment to kneel down in the ground the whole kneeled down in the school ground the whole the end of the day she came to know the real person who broke was very upset and even asked sorry for it.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第13篇

With the development of our society, energy in the world bees more and more limited, so it is quite important for us to save energy and to protect our environment. As a student, there are a lot of methods we can do to save energy at home. For example, first, we can turn off the light as well as other appliances when we are not using them. Second, recycle the waste water, paper and other waste so that we can reuse them. What's more, it is suggested to use public transportation more instead of private cars.

Above all, everyone can make a great contribution to our environment. I hope I can learn more to develop new and clear energy, like energy from the wind and solar.

最难忘的学校活动英语作文 第14篇

The sea water is the bright incomparable sky-blue,the sodium hyposulfite is steady like spring early morning Xihu is the breeze,only blew certainly the thin certainly thin thousands of clear small wrinkle,this caused according to expose to the sun sunlight of under the first month of summer,the golden light bright water surface appeared warm Xiu to be ever have not seen that beautiful sea!In the sky also is the bright incomparable sky-blue,only then several piece of tissue resemble light and level in the air,like a girl,has put on certainly the beautiful blue color summer clothes,but between the neck actually revolved section of certainly thin certainly light white gauze ever have not seen that beautiful sea day.

The tide has come front,the turbulent tide,the latter wave pushes the wave,row of platoon white and shiny tide crowds around is breaking through,the sound resembles as powerful as a thunderbolt,the potential like goes full steam sea turned the limitless battlefield in a twinkling,the sea breeze has been blowing the point severely “the bugle”,the ocean waves as if were a lot of heroic soldier,was attacking violently to the seacoast,sent out rumble over a thousand catty heavy megalith,as soon as so long as is stroked gently by the tide,as if all of a sudden “sank” “the seabed” to row of platoon wave hits in the ashore,splashes piece by piece magnificent sea tide,makes me to feel that,in the vast boundless sea,is containing how many strengths,this boundless sea water causes how many poet's infinite daydream.

The setting sun falls the mountain soon,West's sky is also burning a piece of red-orange sunset is dyed red by this multi-colored sunlight,but,it wants the magnificent sight compared to the sky it is the activity,whenever a row of platoon wave surges,that shines upon in the wave peak the multi-colored sunlight,also red shines,simply is burning likely on a piece by piece sound of sword flame,is glittering,is rolling, a behind row,then is glittering,rolled has been welling up,in this serene and beautiful night,I was treading the soft sand beach,along the seashore,forward walked sea water,is stroking the valuables sand beach gently,sends out gently “brushes” the sound,late comes the sea breeze,fresh and also is cool,in my heart,has excited and the happiness which cannot have been to many seashore city,these places are all pleasing,however,I most love here - - Weihai.